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Embrace your body and stay confident

Most of us will have insecurities with many things mainly our body. Everybody has a flaws, it's a stage and that's reality and that's not wrong at all so don't worry.

Here's main important key for you to embrace our body.
Wear your confidence (self-assurance) just smile because your face is your leader, don't worry that people will judge you, don't wait for other people to validate you. Be yourself, instead of fixing your lackness try to work on the what you are good at and the bad will automatically disappear.

Let's see some tips on how we can look better by styling ourselves.

  1. Choose prints over solid - prints can cover the extras.
  2. BLACK is a must have colour - it will shrink the actual size.
  3. Wear your jacket or blazer - it's an effortless finish to a look.

Be confident!

Image credit | BeyondWords